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About Us

About Us

Golden Prism are an experienced retailer of quality diamond jewellery sourcing diamonds from reputable companies that only deal in quality diamonds of the finest grades and most importantly, are of excellent proportions giving the best brilliance possible. 


Trading for many years in the diamond and jewellery industry, Golden Prism is wholly committed to providing the very best diamond experience and guarantees your diamond will not disappoint.  You can rely on honest and precise information with the very best prices available in the market for excellent quality, well proportioned stones.


Quality jewellery reports are issued with every loose diamond purchased from our website and will be from a well-known reputable company such as GIA. The report will describe the unique qualities of the diamond based on scientific grounds and according to international standards. This report will also guarantee the colour, clarity, cut and carat weight of the diamond. Moreover, our diamonds are ethically sourced and conflict free.


Our jewellery is made in a variety of metals, 9ct, and 18ct gold, palladium and platinum and in a choice of yellow, white or 2 and 3 tone colour gold or other metals. Each piece is scrutinised by qualified craftsmen making sure the settings, diamonds and other gemstones are perfectly set and beautifully polished before being presented to you.  Only reputable and traceable manufacturers are used and we offer you the highest quality jewellery and deal only in the U.K.


With our bridal range many of our ring designs contain individually selected diamonds or are hand carved, others are inlaid or shaped to fit around an engagement ring.  Every piece is bespoke and made to the individual specifications required.  Golden Prism engagement rings are available in many different shapes other than the beautiful Round Brilliant.  The Princess cut is very popular and the Cushion, Radiant and Asscher are all similar, square shaped diamonds.  The Emerald was one of the first cuts to be used in jewellery design and there is also the Marquise, Heart, Pear, Oval and for side stones my favourite is the Trilliant shaped diamond or you may prefer Baguettes or Tapered Baguettes.  A Marquise diamond with two Tapered Baguettes (one on each side) looks stunning and demands attention.  Try a Princess cut centre stone and two Trilliant diamonds one on each side, now that’s a statement!   If you are looking for something different we will have it for you. 



We have built our reputation on the high level of attention we give to ALL our customers and aim to provide YOU with the highest level of service…..after all, the fact that many of our customers come back and purchase more of our stunning jewellery time and time again is testimony to the level of service we provide.


To cut the number of middlemen, we have no high street retail outlet, so our fixed overheads are very low.  Most importantly, unlike most diamond and jewellery retailers, we work on very low margins, this allows us to offer you the very best prices for the very best quality. 


We truly believe that Golden Prism offers the best value for money on 100% natural, untreated, certified diamonds and quality jewellery made to last and give you years of pleasure.


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