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Diamond Consultation

Diamond Consultation


Welcome to Golden Prism, a company who specializes in quality diamonds and beautiful jewellery.


My name is Pauline, the owner of Golden Prism Limited and a GIA trained, qualified diamond grader. 

My career began in the diamond and jewellery industry, working with some of the most beautiful diamonds and grading them in a gemmological laboratory either for resale or for private customers.  These diamonds were to be set in jewellery of the finest quality or for investment purposes to add to an investor’s portfolio.


If you need assistance in choosing the diamond which is ‘right for you,’ I am here to help you find the diamond of your dreams, not forgetting value for money.  Here at Golden Prism we only deal in diamonds that have been graded by reputable diamond grading laboratories such as the GIA.  Why?  because I will then know you have purchased a diamond which has been graded by a laboratory with high grading standards.


My inventory has just three laboratories from which to choose a diamond and before it is set in your item of jewellery, the grade will be checked by myself and recorded as such and matched up with the certificate of authenticity which accompanies every diamond Golden Prism has on the inventory.   (I am, of course, able to get diamonds from any other laboratory and quite often this will lower the price you pay.  This I am willing to do with pleasure, at your request).


Buying a diamond should be a pleasant experience and I will supply you with the correct tools and information to help you choose from a range of diamonds and settings for an engagement ring or wedding rings for yourself and your partner.  We also have handmade rings such as eternity rings which have to be a perfect size for your finger because they are set with diamonds all the way around, as well as wedding and engagement rings sets that are ‘shaped to fit’.


There are so many variables to consider when buying a diamond and I will take you through all the options until we find the ‘right one for you’.  Maybe you have your heart set on a Solitaire setting with a larger diamond, that sparkles breaking up the light, producing fire and brilliance, we have diamonds from half a carat upwards.  Or a setting with a large centre diamond and diamond shoulders and a halo of diamonds round the centre stone. What about fancy diamond shapes such as Princess Cut diamonds, Baguettes, Tapered Baguettes or Trilliants as side stones set in metals such as gold or platinum.


Set yourself a price you will be happy to spend and remember, we have the full range of Bridal Jewellery, from diamond necklaces and pendants to diamond earrings and bracelets.  All our jewellery comes with a valuation certificate of authenticity and all diamonds are certified and registered with a diamond grading  laboratory and have their own unique number which can be traced on the laboratories website.



Take your time and browse through the many diamonds, settings and jewellery.  If you need any help please send an email to and we will call you and  go through all the options.  We would be delighted to hear from you.

by Pauline