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Jewellery Care

Jewellery Care


Keep your jewellery separated so that one piece does not scratch another and the chains do not get tangled up with one another.  Remember gold can get scratched easily.


Keep your jewellery free from grease, dirt and hand cream by washing it in jewellery cleaner especially made for gold, platinum or silver or a mild liquid soap, mild dish liquid or some baby shampoo and a very soft brush.  Clean the back of diamonds with this solution after allowing the diamond ring to soak for approximately ten minutes. Rinse and dry and buff with a 100% cotton cloth.


For regular cleaning it is recommended to use a simple jewellery polishing cloth that is impregnated with special jewellery cleaner.  You will need a cloth for gold jewellery and one for silver jewellery.


Keep silver jewellery in a dry, air-tight container such as a jewellery box or roll, but wear it as often as you can, that’s why you bought it, in my opinion, it is relatively inexpensive and  lends itself to every day wear.


Avoid contact with all harsh chemicals such as chlorine and bleach and some household cleaners. Remove your rings or wear rubber gloves.


Refinishing (re-polishing) your rings can be done but be careful because it is an abrasive process, each time a fine layer of gold is removed and slowly your jewellery will become thinner with every re-polish.  So it is best not to have this done too often.  Perhaps keep this process for very special occasions.


Rhodium plating your white gold jewellery will bring it back to an “as new” condition.  As part of the service your item of jewellery will be polished, scratches and traces of the old rhodium plating will be removed because you don’t want a dull and patchy finish. Your jewellery will then be immersed into an electrolysis chemical cleaner to remove any marks on your jewellery before the final coat of rhodium plating, restoring your jewellery to ‘like new’!


Clean your watch with a soft cloth and do not allow water to get onto the face even if it is water resistant.  Have your watch checked every 12 months.