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Certified Diamonds


(The Fifth ‘C’ - Certification)

Certified diamonds are assurances of quality on your gemstone purchase.  Because a diamond is such an important purchase, certification will ensure you are making the right choice when it comes to your diamond.  Essentially, a certified diamond is like an x-ray of the diamond.  It tells you about the measurement, weight, shape, depth, cut, clarity, colour and quality as well as several other characteristics.  Although you do not receive monetary value on the certificate (this is what an appraisal will do), you will receive assurance that your diamond is guaranteed to be of a high standard.

There are several different certification companies worldwide These include GIA (Gemological Institute of America) EGL  (European Gemological Laboratory) AGS (American Gem Society), The IGI (International Gemological Institute)


Gemmological Laboratories

The GIA is the world’s largest and most respected institute of gemmological research. For over 75 years the GIA has provided outstanding service in gemmology.  They are considered the experts on diamonds and the godfathers of certification.


This multiple-award winning institution has laboratories, research centres and education centres all over the world including South Africa, Hong Kong and India.  Their extensive education on the subject of gemmology is impressive to say the least.  You can be assured that your diamond is of the highest quality when purchasing a GIA certified diamond.


There are several advantages to purchasing a GIA certified diamond.  (First and foremost, you know exactly what you are buying.  You can rest assured that your diamond is valuable and you will have a certificate that proves it.


A GIA certified diamond also means you will not have to worry about fracture-filled diamonds or synthetic diamonds.  This is because fracture-filled diamonds (artificially filled diamonds that may look good but are false) will never be a certified diamond.